Second days races at Medemblik

Wednesday, was the same as Tuesday at the Medemblik Regatta Centre in Holland, except that the order was reversed, so it was stronger winds for the morning fleet, light wind for the afternoon races.  The pack was again shuffled randomly and the blue and yellow fleets where assembled with a different content to the day before.

The Worlds get underway.

Today the ‘A’ Class Catamaran World Championships in Medemblik, Holland,  finally started after the first day’s wind was ruled out of class limits.  Monday was 19 gusting 31kts.  A boat with 150sqft of sail, that weighs a mere 75kg, is going to be rather lively at those speeds and, as the new generation of foiling boats has arrived, just keeping them simply in touch with the water would be a struggle no matter how much you yourself weigh.

The Worlds practice laps begin

The 'A' class pits area is starting to fill up now at Medemblik, the attractive little town on the Dutch Ijsselmeer, the huge enclosed area of water at the heart of the Netherlands.  It has the characteristics of both a lake and the sea, fresh(ish) water and a shore all around with no tides, but, as the sea is only over the other side of the wall, it is subject to exactly the same wind conditions.  This makes it a very interesting place to sail.  The wind over the last few days has been rather hit and miss.

Worlds Measurement Equipment Stickers

Official tamperproof sticker placement at the 2016 Worlds. - see here

Also, make sure that if your boat was built AFTER 1/1/2010, it must have an official ISAF blue sticker on the stbd transom. If yours is missing, say, as the result of a respray following a repair, your association will have the official form to get a replacement - there is a fee to pay also.

Thomas Paasch victorious in the first 2016 Danish Regatta

The first regatta in Denmark of 2016, the Sailextreme in Kerteminde, together with 400 other dinghies.

10 'A' cats on the starting line, all Danish, so the highest turnout ever, but no Germans, so hopefully they will show up at other Danish regattas.

7 flying boats, Nikita's, DNA’s and Exploders, all with various foil setups.