Rashley becomes UK National Champion

Mothman sees the light!  In a record turnout for the UK fleet, 24 boats raced over 4 days at Rutland SC in a variety of interesting conditions that tested all.  Foiling Moth World No. 2, Chris Rashley, flew to a convincing 9 race win at the UK ‘A’ Class Catamaran Nationals this weekend to become the 2016 UK National Champion.

Dutch 2016 Nationals Report

A-Cat Dutch Nationals 2016 - Kees Krijger files this report.

28 boats were entered for the Dutch Nationals held at the Hellecat Catamaranclub on the great flat waters of the Haringvliet. Quite a few competitors were practising in the days leading up to the event, providing some great training. 

Light airs were forecasted for Friday with big winds forecasted for Saturday and Sunday, so during the Friday morning briefing competitors were informed the intention of the race committee was to complete 4- 5 races on Friday to be able to make it a valid championship.

Thomas Paasch wins the Nordic Open

Nordic Open in Skovhoved Denmark.
The local Danes Thomas Paasch, Bo Erhardt and Tom Bojland took the podiums at the Nordic Open regatta on 20-21st August.   7 races with foiling conditions in two of them, meant that Bo Erhardt on his straight board Flyer showed excellent performance alongside the foiling boats

Stevie Brewin's undertramp controls explained

Many sailors were intrigued by the 'knitting machine' that was underneath Stevie Brewin and Adam Beattie's Exploder Ad3 trampolines.  So, here is an annotated photo to show what does what.  The undertramp mainsheet cascade system was not actually used in the racing, so you can ignore that bit.  The added apparent complexity is just ingenious use of the takeaway bungees to allow a clear deck, the holy grail of 'A' cat systems. 

Many thanks to Stevie for sharing his secrets.

Catclub Zeeland Regatta

The first Dutch 'A' Cat open, since the Worlds, was a chance for friends to catch up and to put into practice what was learned at Medemblik.  Kees Krijger reports.

A-Catweekend at Sea – Vrouwenpolder – Catclub Zeeland.