No racing on the penultimate day of the European Championships

There is a saying in Cricket – bad light stopped play. Well, today for the ‘A’ cat fleet at the Euros it was wind stopped play, or rather no wind.  Despite the forecast suggesting that there should be enough for racing, but the time it was due for them all to set off, the PRO called for a cancellation of three hours, as 5 kts was looking optimistic.  Two hours later, the AP over 2 went up.  90 mins after that, the AP over A signaled it was game over for the day. 

So, what to do with a day split into two hourly segments?  Some retired to their campers and drank coffee.  Others did things to boats.  Many talked about boats. Some slept or sunbathed.  And one inadvertently blundered into a nudist beach, fully clothed and armed with a camera and a long telephoto lens.  

Yep… hold my hand up to that one.  You see, I wanted a shot of the cats all rigged on the beach with the hotel in the background, and some breakwaters in the foreground.  This involved a walk of about a quarter of a mile away from the launch area in order to get enough of these breakwaters in the shot.  Walking along the sea edge as it was easier and frequently looking back left to see if I had travelled far enough, I hadn’t realized until it was too late that I was in an area where people didn’t have any clothes on.  The sudden appearance of a fully clothed white legged English bloke with a large lens caused a rather meerkat like reaction from several German ‘Alpha Males’, as they would like to see themselves and guarding their variously shaped females partners.  No words were exchanged, mainly because I felt that addressing an overweight naked German was not something I was prepared or had ever expected to do.  A strategic withdrawal after getting my shots, accomplished without getting eye contact with the aforementioned fat naked German, was, I felt, a significant achievement.

After the AP over A was hoisted, a few classics went out anyway, and enjoyed a bit of light airs training and proved that a race could have been run after all.

Tomorrow promises a 14kt breeze and sun.  3 races are scheduled, starting at 10am, before the closing and award ceremony. There is still much to play for as only a few points separate the top places, and breakages, mistakes etc. can and do occur to the best of us.  We are all looking forward to ending these championships with a bang.