DNA F 1 x A-CAT Build 10/2018 new design

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Platform is made of high-spec carbon pre-preg with Normex core

Huls, Beams, Foils,(Daggerboards and Ruders) are autoclaved for greatest possible strength and durability

New 2018 Design Z Boards including Z covers (all carbon one pieced autoclaved
Semi-rigid Carbon trampoline
Color: Porsche Racing Yellow

DNA Mast by Fiberfoam 3750Euro
DNA F1 fiberfoam rigging 1 Kit 389 Euro
DNA deck sweeper sail 1950 Euro
DNA deck sweeper main sheet system 341 Euro
DNA Full boat cover grey 595 Euro

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Juergen Raberg
49808 Lingen

0027 672207792

24.000 EUR + MWST
Time remaining: 15%
03/05/2019 (1 week)