Queensland State Title for Andy Williams

Good sailing skills still rules in the class, and you can be competitive with boats not being produced in 2013. Two Flyers I raced by Landy & Brad were 2nd & 3rd, only 3 points from Andy Williams DNA. And they were even at mid event.
Report from Brad Collet (3rd): "Close racing at the Qld state titles. 1st Dna , 2nd Flyer I with curved foils & T rudders, 3rd Flyer I with straight no cant boards. Come down to the last race. Best racing we have had in a long time, every mark rounding there was only a few boat lengths in it...My boards were straight & no cant. Good for the class. Old boats are still fast! Pays to have a good rig..."

Check Image gallery by Julie Hartig at http://juliehartwigphotography.ifp3.com/gallery/2013-queensland-a-class-...

Full Results http://results.lcsc.org.au/easter/2012/SGrp63.htm

Andy Williams 12pts
Andrew Landenberger 15pts
Brad Collet 15pts
Michael Cahill 49pts
Paul Neeskens 54pts
Leon McNeil 55pts