Polish Association 2015 Worlds bid for Sopot

The Polish A-Class Association has submitted their bid to host the 2015 Worlds at Sopot on September 5-12.
The A-Class is the most popular catamaran class in Poland and they also have local sucessful builders like Exploder

Jakub Kopylowics describes the place: "2012 Nats were held at Sopot in Gdańsk Bay, Sopot is the nice town beetween Gdynia and Gdansk, famous for the longest wooden pier in Europe (the tribune for visitors and wiewers)"
UKS Navigo is the local club and the organzers have full support of the local goverment authorities. More local info & news at www.katamaran.sopot.pl

Their bid will compete with Weymouth 2015. Good sign for the Class to have many local Assoc wanting to organize a Worlds event.

Polish A-Class Association full presentation attached below.