Hydrofoil ballot new rule is approved

Dear A class sailors worldwide ,
please find here the final result of the ballot on the proposal of amendments of the ISAF A-Division Catamaran Rules, better known as "hydrofoils rule".
Votes have been collected by the Returning Officer, Pieterjan Dwarshuis. I’ve matched all data with the members lists sent by all National Associations.

Total votes : 224
Double votes : 3
Invalid votes : 14
Valid votes : 207
Mail with no vote : 1
Quorum required : 138
YES : 163
NO : 43

According to point 11 of IACA Constitution the rule has been approved.
I will forward a.s.a.p. to ISAF this result and the text of the rule in order to follow the formal approval iter. I expect no negative comments from ISAF.
The new rule will be posted on IACA website under the section “Organisation”
All ballot data are available on demand for your control under a formal declaration of confidentiality.

I kindly ask you all to inform your members and to post this note on your National website

Best regards
International A Class Association Stefano Sirri – President