Punta Ala Worlds 2015: Q&A with Italian Assoc Sec, Stefano Sirri

Notice of Race for the 2015 Worlds to be held at Punta Ala, Italy, is available at: http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/478
Scheudled dates are September 5th to 12th 2015. Hosting Club: Centro Velico Punta Ala, Maremma – Tuscany – Italy

To get additional details on the place and the event we contacted Stefano Sirri, Sec of the Italian Association.
For more info of the venue check also the original bid presentation that can be found at http://www.a-cat.org/sites/default/files/worlds_2015_bid_italy.pdf
Images: Serena Scary / Italian Nats 2014 @Punta Ala

- Where Punta Ala is located exactly?
Punta Ala is located in Tuscany, near Grosseto, in the gulf of Follonica just in front of Elba island

- Which is the entry airport coming from Europe , which from US/Aus/SA America?
Best airport for low cost companies (Ryanair) is Pisa, distance 130 Km; shuttle for Punta Ala available. Best option for people coming from overseas (US or AUS/NZ)is Rome Fiumicino, distance 200 Km. Closest railway station Follonica (North), distance 22 Km or Grosseto (South), distance 42 Km. If there are some needs keep in touch with Facebook and we may try to arrange lifts.

- Best car route for those taking their boats?
From North, highway Bologna-Firenze and then motorway Siena-Grosseto, from North-West highway A12 Pisa-Livorno and then motorway via Aurelia. From Rome motorway via Aurelia

- Which is the club hosting the event?
The hosting club is Centro Velico Punta Ala Circolo Velico Cala Civette. You may find all contacts information on the NoR

- Which are the prevailing wind speeds and weather for the dates scheduled?
You may have wind from W (normal sea breeze) 8-10knots or stronger from N-W 15-18 knots. With both winds you sail in choppy conditions, rough sea with more than 15 knots. You may also find S wind, 8 knots, flatter water. In good weather conditions sailing time is in the afternoon

- 2014 Italian Nats were held at Punta Ala, we have reported on the event, but which were in short the weather conditions ?
Thursday from 22 to 15 knots NW, rough sea, Friday from 15 to 8 knots WNW, choppy, Saturday 10 to 8 knots WNW, choppy, Sunday 8 knots, S flat water

- Which other international events have been held at Punta Ala (I know the F18 Worlds right?)
Right. F18 Worlds, TopCat Worlds. Sunfish Worlds, Finn Worlds Master, Dart 18 Worlds, HC Tiger Euro, Contender Euro

- When the Italian class was formed?
Italian A Class Association was founded in the early '70 ( should be 1973) and has always been one of the most active in the World. Sail numbers are around ITA 1200 and we normally have around 150 financial members. But the whole number of A Cat sailor is much more bigger.

- How Bimare has contributed to the local class with their local made As, since when?
Bimare has been a very important boat builder up to the early '00; then their market share has been reduced a lot by Flyer first and DNA later. As every boat builder worldwide they promoted A Class, especially in Europe.

- We had 100 boats at Bordeaux , Which will be the entry limit for Punta Ala?
No entry limit up to June 30th. Later 120 boats maximum
No maximum number of entries, it is an open Championship.

In case of more than 120 entries, fleet splitting will apply in accordance with the IACA Championship.  Rules Appendix 2 and the Notice of Race will change accordingly.

Competitor registration fee is 200 € (A 50€ penalty will apply for late registration as of May 1 s t ). No entries will be accepted later than June 30th; ; later entries will only be accepted in case the number of 120 boats is not reached and in any case only up to 120 competitors (An additional 80€ penalty will apply)

- Entries per country Assoc? Limit dates to inform/confirm IACA
All fixed in the NoR, bus as per the total entries number, there's no limit for Country entries

- The idea is to divide the fleets like in past Europeans?
We are still working on it, since in the last Euro in France they did not use the official IACA format. IACA has its Appendix 2 Fleet Splitting system, but it has been never tested. We're thinking to use the same system of Olympic Classes, but we've not made simulation yet. So it's not clear to us which way will be the best . . .

- Side activities , places to visit near Punta Ala?
Well, near Punta Ala, there are a lot of day trips to visit the most famous places in Italy. Rome, Florence (2.5 h driving), Siena (1.5 h driving), Pisa (2 h driving), all the Etruscan area, Viterbo, and really a lot of smaller cities with art masterpieces.

- Any additional comment you guys want to remark
Please, book the Camping houses in advance, if possible, and save money !! We are planning to organize social activities even if not detailed in the NoR.

From December you can book your mobile home, look the web-site http://www.campingpuntala.it/vacanze-toscana.asp

Below : Video from Italian 2014 Nats @Punta Ala

Activities at Punta Ala