We had the "Open Danish Nationals" in the first weekend of September in Aarhus, just south of the 2011 worlds venue, at the "Aarhus sailing week".
Saturday we had 5 races in 10 to 15 knots of wind, and Thilo Keller of Germany was the fastest man on the race course, ending the day with a 4 point lead on he's Arrow over Thomas Pasch on a Nikita and Jørgen Skov Hansen on a DNA.
Sunday we had another 5 races in 15 to 20 knots, gusting up till the class limit.
Thomas Paasch did win the day (still sailing with the oldschool non-bendy Fiberfoam mast), but not enough to beat Thilo in the overall standings. Jørgen Skov Hansen did put in a series of second places, but droped out of the battel for podium, as one of he's daggerboards broke on he's DNA, keeping him from participating in the last 2 races.
Top 3:
1. Thilo Keller, GER, Arrow, Fiberfoam, Landenberger Membran.
2. Thomas Paasch, DEN, Nikita, Fiberfoam, Ashby
3. Guido Schulte, GER, DNA, Saarberg, Hammer