Danes rule at the Schweriner Cat Cup

Danish sailors Lars Schroder on the Vision and Thomas Paasch on the Nikita showed the way at the Schweriner Cup, held on the lake south of Wismar in North Germany.  Dispite a heavy foiling boat presence, C boats boats came 1st and 3rd on the lake conditions.

Lars sent this quick recap

The first real test of development in Northern Europe was raced at the wonderful Schweriner See on the weekend of April 23-24.  A lot of tinkering took place over the winter, so more than half the fleet were capable of flying.  Most notably in the Danish part of fleet where 7 out of 8 boats could fly.   On the German side, Thilo Keller showed up with some very long ninja-boards, that made him fly all over the place, but unfortunatly he broke a board in race two after hitting something.

Racing was good but in shifty conditions up to 18-20 kts on the first day, challenging as lakes always are, though. Although speed was important, knowing which route to take for wind shifts was equally cruicial.

The flying boats made it to the podium because of an extra discard and countback, otherwise the floating boats dominated. Vision 1st (c-board, optimized rudder setup), Nikita 2nd (2016 DNA foils), DNA 3rd (c-board, winglets on rudders).

Danes won 7 out of 8 races, so the Germans better up their game!

Photos DP Pictureworks.