Marco Gaeti victorious at Centro Vela Sunset

Italian boss Marco Gaeti wins the latest round of the Italian National A Class regatta, at the Centro Vela Sunset.

So it ends the third stage of the National Calendar of A Cat Italia, with success from president, Marco Gaeti, who was able to handle the 29 crews registered at the regatta.

The event had a good participation, and the full program was completed: all the six races were held, even if the weather forecast expected storms and strong wind. The real weather conditions were characterised by light-medium winds around 7kts. The intensity and the direction of the wind were regular for the whole of the first day. During the second day there was a gusty North-west wind that turned out to be hard to manage for some crews. On the other hand, the positions of the buoys were always perfect for the duration of the races. Excellent work from the Regatta Committee and its President, Mr. Andrea Bimbi.

Huge success for the President of A Cat Italia Marco Gaeti, from Associazione Velica Bracciano, who won first place. Marco Radman, from Centro Velico Sunset, finished second, and third Pasquale Delogu, also from Centro Velico Sunset. After them Giuseppe Colombo, Alberto Farnesi, Alessandro Rosi, Michele Patellli, Luca Micolitti, Daniel Pascucci e Vittorio Santerini for the first ten positions.

The only two female participants, Paola Longhi from Unione Velica Maccagno and Francesca Pierobon from Centro Velico Sunset, finished 13th and 19th respectively.

From the technical point of view it’s interesting to note that the first three positions were earned by floating boats, actually the fastest ones in these weather conditions. Also worthy of note was the race debut of the new flying Carbon Lab boat from Mirco Mazzini who unhappily finished in 16th place.

Next appointment for the A Cat Italy National Calendar is May 14th to 16th, in Maccagno, on Lake Maggiore, for the Swiss Championship organized by Unione Velica Maccagno.

Report from Pier Faccin.