Thomas Paasch victorious in the first 2016 Danish Regatta

The first regatta in Denmark of 2016, the Sailextreme in Kerteminde, together with 400 other dinghies.

10 'A' cats on the starting line, all Danish, so the highest turnout ever, but no Germans, so hopefully they will show up at other Danish regattas.

7 flying boats, Nikita's, DNA’s and Exploders, all with various foil setups.

Wonderful weather, 4-10 m/s with some squalls with way more wind. 7 races and Thomas Paasch won every single race by a margin. .. on his Nikita with DNA foils and brand new North Ashby deck sweeper sail (looked good and Thomas has resumed his old speed..).

Second was Lars Schrøder on an old style floating Vision, who struggled big time downwind, because the flying boats are like a wolf pack, way faster than the rabbit, but maybe not as smart!

3rd was our young hope, Mathias Bruun Borreskov, on a Exploder with Z5 and t-rudders and very old badly fitting Landenberger sail. Mathias is closing in on the front and he will, for sure, continue his development.

Photos: Tom Bøjland and Per Heegaard