Thomas Paasch, 2016 Danish Champion

Over the weekend of the 10th to 11th of September, the Danish nationals where held at the Sønderborg Yacht Club, close to the German border. 

18 A-cats from Denmark, Germany and Sweden attended, and the weather gods blessed us with sunshine, over 20 degrees but unfortunately the forcast was for very light winds. 

The first two races where sailed in light conditions, where trapezing wasn't even possible on the upwind, and Lars Wigersted was especially fast on the downwind section and won the first race. Second race was in similar conditions where Lars Bunkenburg was able to win the race, before the wind dropped even more. 

After a short break, the wind increased again and third race was started. The weather gods where looking after us, and by the start of the forth race, the first few boats where able to foil, while the less skilled foilers where still struggling to make it pay. 

7 races where sailed, and after two 3rd places in the two first races, Thomas Paasch took 5 straight wins in the following races. 

Sunday also had low winds in the forecast, but reality was looking a lot brighter. Nice foiling wind with a little chop to make it a little more challenging fir the foilers. Thomas Paasch continued the winning streak from Saturday, and put in another 4 wins in a row but gave the last race away to Alex Meister, after a bad gybe just before the finish line. 

12 races (10 counting) in two days in superb late summer conditions. 

First place went to Thomas Paasch on the foiling Nikita with North/Ashby. 

Alex Meister was struggling in the light stuff, but as the wind picked up, he was sailing fast downwind on hes Exploder AD3/Landenberger combo and claimed second. Lars Bunkenburg was fast in the light stuff and was able to hang-in in the stronger stuff and was still able to fight off some of the foilers. In the end he ended in third place. 


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