Mischa wins the German Nationals, and 'King Georg' is crowned German Champion

51 sailors from 8 countries registered at the German Nationals hosted by the Yachtclub Steinhuder Meer e.V. at a cold Steinhuder Meer, near Hannover, Mischa Heemskerk got a sweep of 7 bullets to win the German National meeting.  Tymoteusz Bendyk and Jakub Surowiec fought for 2nd and 3rd places.  The top German, and crowned the German National Champion was 'Leichtwint Miester' Georg Reutter.   Georg gives us this report.

On Friday we had about 8 to 12 ktn, on a lake, almost no waves, perfect conditions for flying boats. Ahead went Mischa with impressive performance, followed by the two polish Sailors Tymek and Jakub.

Saturday the wind dropped to approx 4 to 7 ktn, the well trained boys still flying ahead, but as Mischa said: flying was easy  - in the wrong way. The classic boats could show their performance by floating the direct way to the finish.

On Sunday, it was cold and almost no wind, nobody wanted to go out, but the race officer called the race on. It was a totally drifting race and Mischa did extremly well, with a 2 place, the sailors from Poland still close to follow.

I took the 4th Place in front of Bob Baier and became German Champion.

The weather was quite cold, the organisation almost perfect and it was an enjoyable Event.

Next Year, we will haver our German Championships 2017 from 30.09 to 02.10 at Lake Garda / Campione.


Results here http://www.vdac-ev.de/images/erg_idb_2016.pdf 

Photos Hans-Heinrich Schmidt