New IACA bank account now operating

Dear Presidents, Dear Members.

During the WGM of Medemblik, we have elected Philippe Muyzers as treasurer.  A long-standing issue was the IACA fortune being located in a Dutch bank within an account not completely in control of the IACA, and the Dutch bank regulations making it hard to find a good solution. I proposed to move the account to a Swiss bank, namely Raiffeisen, the proposal has been accepted by the WGM. The account is now opened and fully operating, its currency is Euros. 

Starting immediately, IACA fees have to be paid to the new account. Your presidents have been informed and requested to pay their due fees in time (e.g. before 31.12.2016).

Please be aware that the old account in Netherlands has been closed. Payments sent to the old account will be refused, generating costs for your association, so please play by the rules. Your treasurers can contact Philippe or me in case of difficulties with the payments. I would like to thank Piet Saarberg, Philippe Muyzers and Graeme Harbour for their help during this transition, and of course I stay available in case of questions.

A little bit of transparency ("financial glasnost") is due to world-wide members, especially considering the fortune we do have. One of my goals for the class would be to work on its unity (hence the poll and the dual-category discussion), its visibility (e.g. with real-time GPS tracking, videos etc) and attractiveness. Anything you want to do these days cost money. This is why having a strong financial situation is essential for IACA. 

I wish you all a short winter for those in the North and a nice sailing season for those lucky people living in the southern hemisphere ! 

Charles Bueche
IACA president