Emmanuel Dode victorious in the French Armistice Grand Prix

Hosted at the Bordeau Sailing club, the Armistice Grand prix is an event in France not to be missed.  Jean Darnaude sent this report.

Grand Prix de l'Armistice 2016 is the last event on the AFCCA calendar of the season, and no less than 24 A-Cats had made an appointment for the final 2016 regatta. The Bordeaux Sailing Club likes the A-Class, nobody can forget the magnificent European Championships of 2014. Climatic conditions were at first, not necessarily encouraging, but the motivation of the members of the French class had decided that they had to brave the elements and to end the year without any regrets. In the end, all the planned races of this Grand Prix de l’Armistice 2016 had the heart to close their season in the same manner. With a total of 256 catamarans, the Armistice Grand Prix is the unmissable event to end the season.










Three days of racing, with a first day on shore from lack of wind, but with pleasant temperatures.  Second day with four courses on the program in 7 to 9 knots winds from the South Southwest.

From the first gun, Emmanuel Dode, Thibaut Laudren and Jean Louis Le Coq clinched the three first places, and the order was identical for the three following races

Third day for 3 races which will begin with 7 to 8 knots but finished in 12/14 knots, with a wind from the North Northwest.  Emmanuel Dode confirmed his position as leader, Claude Laluque and Emeric Dary distinguished themselves in the second and third races of the day.

Two foreigners: Philippe Muyzers (Belgium), Jacques Valente (Switzerland) had made a long trip, as well as two ‘Savoyards’.

It is always nice to see that everything went well, both on land and on the water, that the best sailors were rewarded, and that the others found it a pleasure to participate in this test expertly orchestrated by the CV Bordeaux.

Credit photos: www.kinenveux.fr 

In other news, Thierri Boisbouvier has resigned at the AFCCA President, to be replaced by Jean Darnaude.  We with them both well.