Important Championship rules announcement

Important information about the 2017 Worlds in Sopot.  The IACA President, Charles Bueche, announced the following;

Dear presidents, dear members,

Without a new version of the Championships Rules, the Worlds in Sopot, Poland in 2017 would have had to run under the original rules limiting the fleet to 100.

During the WGM 2016, we have formed a sub-committee to work on updating the Championships Rules. Writing a proposal for the new Championships Rules is a difficult job, and we are all very busy people. Some progress have been made, but we are stressed by the timing, as the constitution defines clear timing constraints for such important changes.

We have asked all presidents of national associations to vote on an extension of the trial period of open Worlds to include Sopot 2017. The results are:

  • countries with voting rights : 19
  • yes : 15
  • no : 0
  • no-answer : 4

As such, the extension of the trial period of open Worlds continues to include Sopot 2017. Meanwhile, we continue to work on the updated Championships Rules and expect to present them before the WGM for review/feedback and have a vote organised at the WGM at the latest. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all presidents for their confidence in this matter.

Kinds regards,
Charles and the IACA committee