Brewin extends his lead in the Aussie Nats

We are now at the half way mark in the proposed 12 race series at the Australian Nationals, with a further 3 races sailed today.  Bob Griffits reports from within the fleet.

The temperature was a little warmer than yesterday when Melbourne recorded it's coldest January day in 21 years. The sun the bid it's return just in time for the start.

The wind was forecast at 10 knots for the afternoon, but it increased significantly for the latter two races. The wind was highly variable and velocity on the left hand upwind side of the course nearer to the shoreline, and it punctuated by some rather aggressive "bullets". As a result, a number of competitors were seen reaching for their righting ropes. One of the casualties was Darren Bundock in the last race, from which he recovered from to finish in eight place.

The form guide is now becoming apparent and confirmed.
Stevie Brewin won all three races in fine style. Darren Bundock scored two second places and the eighth .
Brad Collett sailed well to finish 6-4-3 to claim third place overall behind Brewin and Bundock.
Stephen Brayshaw is sailing well with a 3-6-4 today to remain at fourth overall.

The top ten is rounded out with;
5. David Brewer.
6. Andrew Landenberger.
7. Adam Beattie.
8. Scott Anderson.
9. Matt Homan.
10. Andrew Williams.
These Top Ten sailors almost invariably have a mortgage on the top ten place in all the races, and there are really no surprises here based on past performance. All are foilers.

The best placed non foiler is David Parker sitting in 12 th place.
Chris Cairns is the next best non foiling boat is sailed by Chris Cairns who is in 15 th place. 
Chris has been reluctant to embrace a foiler, citing his light weight of 67 kg, and insufficient righting moment. He finds the concept of a shorter mast height appealing, in that it may reduce this disadvantage.

Three more races are scheduled for Tomorrow (Wednesday). We will see what the wind gods bring.  Full results here