Important reminder about the Worlds.

Dear Presidents and Competitors,
The eligibility to participate to the Worlds championship in Sopot is governed by the IACA constitution and championship rules.

Championship Rules :
All helmsmen shall be fully paid up Members of their National Association, which in turn must be financial member of IACA or individual Members of the IACA. Evidence of current membership shall be produced.

Constitution Rule 4.4 :
Sailors with no National Association in their country can apply for an individual membership with the IACA. These members shall pay the same membership fee. Individual memberships are limited to 2 sailors per independent country.

These paragraphs apply whether the championship is open or closed. As such, presidents of National Associations are required to check the entry list for registrations outside these rules and act accordingly. We suggest the following procedure, to be held between the National Associations and the event organization.
1. Contact the independent sailor and propose they join their national association at least one month before the event.
2. If you get no answer, they will be contacted by the event organization 20 days before the start of the event and informed that their registration is invalid, unless they can prove otherwise at desk registration, together with their president/country delegate.

Signed: the IACA committee