Sopot Worlds Measurement Information.

 Dear Competitors, 

Equipment Inspection at the 2017 World Championships at Sopot will be done on a post race basis. (Please refer Equipment Regulations posted on Worlds website with particular reference to “Day Zero” and its implications) 

Equipment Inspection at Championships is not a Fundamental Measurement where your boat is fully checked to ensure it complies with class rules but a general check of already measured selected items to ensure you are class rule compliant. 

I draw your attention to RRS 78.1, which states: 

While a boat is racing, her owner and any other person in charge shall ensure that the boat is maintained to comply with her class rules and that her measurement or rating certificate, if any, remains valid. In addition the boat shall also comply at other times specified in the class rules, the notice of race or the sailing instructions. 

This means that it will always be the owner’s responsibility to keep the boat compliant. 

There will be no individual inspection of any boats prior to heat 1. Each boat owner will be supplied with tamper proof stickers to place on selected items of their boat which will be advised at registration (items to be stickered may comprise hull, mast. sail, dagger boards & rudders) and this placement and signing and return of declaration form will be the owner confirming that all items are fully measured, meet class rules and are supported by a current fully completed measurement certificate. 

In post race inspection, the Jury and Technical Committee will decide each day on a number of boats that will be selected after the days racing which will then be inspected by the inspection team. Should any discrepancies with the rules be found with the boat, a measurement protest will be lodged with the Jury. 

It is imperative before you arrive at Sopot that your boat and equipment are fully measured and you hold current measurement certificates for all items. 

There will not be the personnel or time at Sopot to undertake Fundamental Measurement of any unmeasured items and it is your responsibility to ensure this is done before arrival. I cannot overemphasis this point enough. 

The Equipment Inspection team will be on site from Friday 18th August to assist with any questions or concerns. Official class scales will be available from this time for any competitor that may wish to check the weight of their boat. 

Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure you are compliant not the Measurer or Equipment Inspector. 

With just over two months to the Worlds you all now have ample time to ensure everything is in order. Please contact your National Measurer if unsure of any points or myself at 

The following is a list of common issues, which may be of benefit. 

Boat Platform: 

  • Current measurement certificate not fully completed. 
  • Retrofitted boats need to be re measured or have retrofit measurements noted on current certificate and resigned by measurer. 
  • No ISAF/World Sailing sticker on rear of hull for any boat built after 1/1/2010. 
  • Boat width exceeded by foot straps outside 2.3m. 
  • Boat length exceeded by foot straps, rear hatch covers, stern reinforcement etc. exceeding 5.49m. Remember anything attached to hulls excluding the actual rudder gudgeons is considered part of the hull for measurement purposes. 


  • Current measurement certificate not fully completed. 
  • Must be signed, dated and show mast area near starboard base of mast. 
  • Any fairings, flaps or end plates attached to mast must be noted and included in mast measurement if applicable. 


  • Current measurement certificate not fully completed. 
  • Sail must be signed, dated and show sail area, luff length & base length on starboard side of sail near tack. 
  • Some deck sweeper sails have adjustable flap on foot. This must be measured in maximum adjusted position and noted on sail certificate. 
  • Sail numbers and national letters must be of one single clearly contrasting colour with size and placement in terms of RRS. 

Dagger boards: 

  • Must enter through top of hulls, cannot go outside 2.3m in any position. 
  • No part of dagger board can be less than .75m from centerline in any position below the waterline. 
  • Checks of these measurements are to be taken with dagger boards placed in least desirable position if they can move sideways in dagger board case. 


  • Measured in fully down position parallel with hull centerline, must fit within 2.3m and .75m from centerline restrictions. Rudder assembly including rudder blade and case cannot be wider than 76mm within 153mm of bottom of hull. 
  • With cassette type rudders a clear contrasting color band or non-adjustable strop must be evident to show that rudder blade cannot be raised within 153mm of hull bottom whilst racing. 
  • Rudder assembly in fully down position must fit within 5.79 m from boat’s bow (refer recent ruling by World Sailing posted on IACA website 19/2/16). 

Boat Weight 

  • If under 75kg must have weight correctors permanently attached to boat. 


NOR rule 2 refers to World Sailing Regulation 20 - Advertising Code. This requires the forward 25% of each hull (1.37m from foremost point of the hull) to be clear of all personal advertising. This area is restricted to event advertising only. 


Graeme Harbour 

Chief Equipment Inspector 

A Class Worlds Technical Committee 

Sopot  1/6/17