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DEN Open Champs is able to take place.

Finally we got a A-class regatta in Denmark - Tom Bojland reports.


13 A´s turned up to a combined A-class/Waspz event - which was a really good idea - the kids got a lot of stories from us "old farts" about foiling, speed and other scary stuff - important to get the young ones into high speed sailing.


The sailing itself was a bit slow - we did see 4-7 knots, +30C, 2 knots of current for a whole weekend, but at least we got 9 races in the box.


Lockdown Interview - Tom Bojland and Thomas Paasch DEN

We continue our Lockdown interview series with a pair of Vikings, both former DEN National Champs - Thomas Paasch and Tom Bojland. 


  • When and why did you first start sailing and in what?

Bojland - In 76 – in the Oppie!

Paasch - I started sailing at the age of 6 in the optimist. At the age of 11 I got my fist catamaran, a Hobie Cat 11 (basically a scaled down Hobie Cat 14), and I made my dad added a trapeze to it.

Lockdown Interviews - Manuel Calavia, ESP

Our next intervewee is the King of Spain, reigning European Champion and World Open No. 4 - Manolo Calavia


  • When and why did you first start sailing and in what?

I started sailing in Calanova School (Palma de Mallorca Summer Camp) during summer when I was 8 years old in Optimist and Cadete. After that in Calafell beach town (60 km south of Barcelona) in the Yacht Club in Optimist and with 11 years old I started in catamaran with the Hobie Cat 14.