2018 Worlds Champions

Full list of the Champions 2018

Classic Division;
Andrew Landenberger - Classic World Champion
Scott Anderson - Vice World Champion
Graeme Parker - Third
Alberto Farnassi - Forth
Bob Weddon - Fifth
Matt Johnson - Apprentice Master
Neil Caldwell - Grand Master
Andy Landnberger - Junior
Claire Neeskins - Womens Champion

The 2018 Worlds, the final day.

‘The odd thing is, it’s not usually like this here...’ How often do you hear that at a regatta from the locals eh?  After losing two more days of sailing at the ‘A’ Cat Worlds in Hervey Bay on the lovely Fraser Coast, this time due to Northerly winds making it too unsafe to launch the rescue boats ect into the ‘Texel’ style breakers.  Even though they had officially got a championship after they had sailed 6 races for the series, the race committee, acknowledging the fact many had travelled tens of thousands of miles to be there, finally managed to get in three races more on the last schedu

First blood to Ashby and Landy at the Worlds

Racing started today in earnest at the ‘A’ Class Worlds on the beautiful warm waters  and beaches of Hervey Bay in Australia.  Following the cancellation of yesterday’s racing after all the fleet had arrived at the race areas.  The weather was a little kinder.  The winds had dropped to a lovely 12-18kts.  However, it was swinging 10 to 15 deg all day a coming feature of the  South Easterly wind direction as it comes over a promontory, and this also results in more gusty conditions.  The effect was to make it seem like sailing on a huge lake, and indeed the lake sailors felt at home.  Gettin

First days racing at the Worlds abandoned after wind exceeded class limits.

In the famous words of the British journalist Brian Hanrahan, aboard HMS Hermes ‘I counted them out, and I counted them all back’.   This is how it felt on the first dramatic day of the ‘A’ Cat Worlds. Following the 9am briefing, racing on day one was scheduled for 12:00.  However, the forecast was for a building Sou’easterly offshore wind but from the shore, it all looked lovely.

RIP Santi Monjo ESP 2.

It is with great regret that we have to inform of the death of the Spanish Sailor Santi Monjo ESP 2.  The 65 year old sailor became 2018 Spanish National Classic Champion back in September and it is thought that he died from a heart attack whilst actually sailing his beloved ‘A’ Cat, as he was found on his boat.

This is a great shock for the Spanish fleet and he had been sailing with them since 1996.

The beautiful people are assembling in Hervey Bay

As your IACA editor isn't on site for another week, I asked Bob Griffits to do us some pre Aussie Nationals talk, but I know that will cost me beers....  

The sailors and their boats have started arriving at the Hervey Bay Sailing Club.  Dave Shaw and Daniel Phillpot have been there for the best part of a week, and they were recently joined by Jean-Louis Le Coq, from France. There has been a steady stream of boat trailers bearing registration plates from the southern states of Australia , making an entrance.