A-Cats present at Dusseldorf thanks to the German Assoc

The German A-Class Association is taking care with 5 of its members of the visitors inquires at the A cat stand at Dusseldorf Boat Show.
A DNA fitted with Landenberger is fully assembled giving the Class an excellent exposure. Nice touch having Outteridge, Peyron and other ACup sailors sailing As on several images attached to the boat. Great work done by the 'Vereinigung Deutscher A-Division Catamaran' Check their site at

Regatta Tracking

At the 2011 worlds in Denmark we had live tracking for all races, which was very appreciated by friends, family and A-Cat interested sailors all over the world. It generated a lot of hits on the event web page - which is a good parameter to attract sponsors.

But tracking doesn't come for free, it is an extra expense (and work load) for the organizers, and one of the reasons we didn't have that again in Islamorada.

Paradox First Race in Australia

"A great debut for Paradox in the hands of young Dave Parker who, despite being new to the boat and the venue, was giving the top guys a run for their money.
The main aim for us was to test the structure and systems of Paradox under race conditions.
We were closely monitoring the boat and foils to ensure all the loads are within design values and deflections are within predicted limits.

DNA 2013 Platform Updates

DNA has launched a new version of their daggerboards. A Class legal 'J' type board plus 'Landy' winglets are going to be offered for the 2013 Racing season. Along an upgrade kit for current DNAs, as the hull design has not been changed.

Next A-Class Worlds at Takapuna, New Zealand : February 2014

2012 was a great season, with +100 boats at the class major events: Europeans & Worlds. The Class builders are doing an excellent job offering several platform alternatives for all budgets, including home mades, and complete production series boats for 16,000Euros. The Rule Box continues to work really well as proven over again in every event.
Beyond global economy the class and the sailors are working hard, +100 boats in Europe & America is a strong sign and this effort will be a great base for the future.

New Arrow MKII

The Class continues to provide more alternatives and improved build development each year. Now Thilo Keller launchs the new Arrow MKII:
"New features
- Improved platform stiffness
- Slightly more volume for lightwind perfomance

The Arrow was always the stiffest boat available and now sets a new level. The boat is built in all carbon and hulls are built in honeycomb sandwich. It comes with approved boards and rudders.