A-Class Worlds 2012. A View from the Back , by Bob Griffits

The organisers of the 2012 World Titles did a superb job and need to be thoroughly praised, particularly considering “The Gods of the Elements “did their best did their best to rain on the parade, and blow the whole thing away.

Focus on the Calendar

On we have an international A-Cat event calendar, and it holds a couple of nice features.

First of all you can view all events in one place, making it a bit easier to plan your season. Just over the calendar you can pick which countries you want to show in the calendar (as default all are shown). Be aware that you can pick multiple countries, if you fore instance just want to show your own country and the once near by.

IACA on facebook and twitter

The International A-Division Catamaran Association is now finally on facebook and twitter.

It's been a looooong process to move our domain to a new server, but now we have finally succeeded, and with that we where also able to create our final RSS feed and link it up with Facebook and Twitter.

On our web page you'll see links to Twitter, Facebook and RSS at the top-right of the page. Please click the icons and follow, like or subscribe to, and spread the word to all your friends.

2012 Worlds Results, Wrapup & Images

We've been requested for reports on the 2012 Worlds. Record number of inscriptions with 120, but finally a 'reduced' event due to Hurricane Sandy approaching FL at the time, but the organization managed to put together 5 races in the 20-30knot range, making it a valid Championship.
Class 'rookie' Mischa Heemskerk got the title, followed by Andrew Landenberger and the 2011 World Champ, Steve Brewin.
Below a series of links to reports, posts, images and results of a very special Worlds.

A-Class rudders 'Trickle Up' to Artemis AC72

We all expect to trickle down developments from the ACup to our Formula racing cats. But this is a "Trickle Up" case, as it has been used previously and successfuly in racing by two of the top 3 at last Worlds in Isla Morada including Mischa who got the title.
Another scale and dimension altogether for sure, but we can think the goal is the same.