Important - Your vote on the new rule rewrite.


Dear members of National Associations,

The Technical Committee of the IACA has provided a major effort to rewrite the class rules to be modern, in line of World Sailing recommendations, and to include interpretations into clear and concise instructions. The new class rules have been accepted by the extraordinary WGM of 21.4.2018 with 107 yes, 0 no, 3 abstentions. As for constitution §11, the process is continuing with a world-wide ballot among the members of the National Associations.   The new rules are here.

Every member of a National Association should have receive an individual email today, originating from Using the credentials in the email, you will be able to express your opinion.

The voting deadline is 31.5.2018.

If you did not receive an email today:

  • you might be member of the Italian Association. Read below.
  • the message could be in your spam folder. Move to inbox and vote.
  • we may have the wrong email address. Please send your updated name, given name and email to
  • you weren't a member as of 31.12.2017


IACA class-rules vote (ONLY for members or the Italian national association !) : 

All associations have provided list of members and will be able to vote electronically. The national association of Italy has not provided his list of members. We have therefore created this form to allow our fellow Italian sailors to vote. Each vote will be validated, only members of the Italian national association as for 31.12.2017 are allowed to vote using this form

Kind regards,