RIP Craig Yandow USA 300.

Very sorry to report the loss of long time sailor Craig Yandow after suffering an aortic embolism during the North American Championships. Craig came off the water in 4th place overall and second in classics, complaining of pain and weakness but still working to de-rig his boat. Another sailor took him to the hospital where the seriousness of his condition was quickly event. He was placed into a medically induced coma and never left the hospital.

The last 14 days, his body fought a great battle. 
Thank you to all of the people associated with the class who helped him and his family with information, logistics, etc during those days. 

He passed peacefully on September 27, 2018. He was a fierce competitor and an expert yet always thirsty for more knowledge. We miss you Craig, on and off the racecourse. Sail number USA 300 remains with Craig.