New Arrow MKII

The Class continues to provide more alternatives and improved build development each year. Now Thilo Keller launchs the new Arrow MKII:
"New features
- Improved platform stiffness
- Slightly more volume for lightwind perfomance

The Arrow was always the stiffest boat available and now sets a new level. The boat is built in all carbon and hulls are built in honeycomb sandwich. It comes with approved boards and rudders.

The boat is build close to Berlin in Germany.
I made the design, development and the prototyping.
I did some expansive tanktesting as well to validate the CFD.

The serial production is now made by MX-Composys. They are 20min from Berlin at Werneuchen. So I can always have a look on what they do and control the protuction and quality, what is very important to me.

We now offer the early bird boats for 16000€ (Platform). For an aditional fee you can get Marström boards.
It comes with Landenberger tramp and all hardware is Harken or Ronstan.

Visit for further information.
Make sure you have a look on site as well: ."