Mischa in the zone at Hellecat

Seven bullets for Mischa Heemskerk in nine races!! Kees Krijger reports.

In spite of the weather forecast, beautiful competitions were held in the Netherlands at Hellecat on Saturday and Sunday the 18th & 19th of May. On Saturday 5 races were sailed in super circumstances, with five bullets for Mischa Heemskerk. 

On Sunday the circumstances were less good, because of cold and cloudy weather, but still 4 races were sailed. After the sunny Saturday sailors were not so fast to put on their wetsuits, so most of them were too late for the start of race 6. Only Rutger Krijger and David van Aart started on time and sailed their best result of the weekend, respectively first and third. Mischa Heemskerk started as one of the latest, but sailed very well and still finished second. In race seven the wind decreased to less than 10 knots, which gave “lightweight” Pieterjan Dwarshuis the chance to finish before “heavyweight” Mischa Heemskerk.

Same old story in race 8 and 9, because with more wind Mischa again showed all his foiling skills by finishing first. So seven bullets after nine races.
Seems like Team DNA with Mischa, Pieterjan and Thijs is ready for the Worlds in Weymouth!