Manuel Calavia wins the 1st Santi Monjo Memorial Trophy.

Taking place in Barcelona, this was a nice race meeting to geth the ESP team tuned up for the Worlds, and so far with 12 boats they form the second largest team, after the home GBR team, coming to the Worlds next month.  Manuel Calavia reports.

From 18 to 20 of July the 'A' Class Trophy of Barcelona, I Memorial Santi Monjo, was held in the Barcelona International Sailing Center organized by the Catalonian Sailing Federation and the Royal Maritime Yacht Club of Barcelona.  8 'A' Class raced 9 races during 3 days of racing.

This Trophy was special for us at it was the I memorial of our loved friend Santi Monjo that died last year sailing his 'A' Class.

Friday, 3 races in 8/10 knots of south - east wind with 0.2m to 0.5m waves.

Saturday, 4 races in 10/12 knots of south - east wind with 0.5m waves.

Sunday, 2 races in 5/6 knots of east wind with 0.5m to 0.8m waves.

Manuel Calavia ESP-11 with his new Exploder AD3 2019 won the event by 8 bullets and a 2. Second was Toni Ballester also with his Exploder AD3 2019. Both with tapered Fiberfoam masts and North Sails. Third was Kike Cornejo with an Exploder Classic. 

Also, Luis Martinez Doreste raced well, finishing 4th with a DNA 2013 converted into a foil boat with Z22 and RB22 blades. Luis used Fiberfoam mast and North Sail.

Manuel Calavia won with big margins in all the races during the first two days, as he managed to foil with big gains. Now all the Spanish fleet foils well and difference is now in their speeds. Last day Kike with a Classic boat and non foiling conditions fought against Manuel in both races, taking the first one of the day by less than one meter in a photo finish and finishing second in the last one by 25m.

The main thoughts over the weekend was to remember Santi Monjo, as Santi was loved, and this meant sailing in all conditions (The last day was a little bit marginal, but Santi always told us to go sailing) and drinking together after sailing. All the fleet miss Santi as he was a giant beloved by all of us.

Photos by Oscar Torrades