Swiss Nats 2014: Sandro Caviezel 1st

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It seems Sandro learned fast from Sascha Wallmer. As reported some weeks ago, Sandro told us that Sascha was 'sailing around him in circles' in the trainings being done with the new Scheurer G7s.

Wallmer won the Italian event 2 weeks ago and ended second this time at the Swiss Nats behind Caviezel.
3rd place for Helmut Stumhoffer, 4th for Daniel Caviezel and 5th for Mathias Dietz.

Sweden, 2014 season's end Regatta

Sent by Harald Wigerstedt. The Sweden Marstrom fleet continues to put good numbers on their local races. The local Association is making some changes as reported by Harald, so we are glad to hear more from this Nordic fleet that is gathering youths to race along long time A-Cat sailors a legends like Goran Mastrom.
Original link in Swede Here

Italian Nats 2014 @Punta Ala: Sacha Wallmer 1st, Luca Maffessoli Italian Champ

All Images Serena Scary / Photo Studio 17. -- Last week while exchanging some mails with Sandro Caviezel about an interview on the new Scheurer development, I commented on his performance at Bordeaux where he ended 5th and first European, but Sandro told me he really wasn´t sailing that good in fact, and that Sascha Wallmer could circle around him after some tests done in their home waters.
Sascha was not present at Bordeaux, and at Punta Ala, home of 2015 Worlds, he grabbed the Italians Nats Championships over Bob Baier and Luca Maffessoli, who crowned himself 2014 Italian Champ.

Dutch Nats 2014 @Hellecat: Mischa Heemskerk Champ

All Images Danny Broersen - | Mischa Heemskerk won 8 races out of 9 to grab the 2014 Dutch Nats. Chris Field had some issues no his dagger and couldn´t complete the final races. 2nd place for Sjoerd Hoekstra both with DNA. 3rd for Erwin Kersten with an Vision upgraded with foils & Rudders from Exploder, as reported by Michel, who also sent us two good short videos of the regatta. See below.

German Nats 2014: Thilo Keller 1st

All images Johannes Obermeier. || Excellent result for Thilo Keller sailing his own built design, the Arrow MKII. 40 Boats were present at Yacht Club Berliner and the fleet completed 12 races with two discards.
Pontus Johnsson ended second ahead of Mischa Heemskerk and the Polish youth with another excellent event finishing 4th & 6th for Tymek Bendik and Marcin Badzio.

We will contact Thilo later to have more background on the event weather conditions and the setup on his Arrow.

German Nats 2014, Day 3: Thilo Keller leads after 7 races

All images Matthias Grothues-Spork , via Catarina Jentzsch who is responsible & producer for one of the best, if not the #1 cat sailing clip I've seen. Catarina is again in charge of the media coverage for the German Nats.

Local Thilo Keller is leading after 7 races. Thilo dominated almost every event he participated last year, but he was not present at Bordeaux. Now in shape again with his own built design, the Arrow MKII he is leading the 40 A fleet at Yacht Club Berliner.