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    Dutch Nats 2015, Mischa Heemskerk Champ

    Images Henk de Graad. Sunday saw little racing at Hellecat for the 2015 Dutch Nats. Only one race was held with only one sailor participating, Alexander Zylka went out as the rest of the fleet stayed on the beach on 22-30knots winds forecast.  Mischa , Glenn and the rest of the fleet got DNS, and the top two spots were left as yesterday after Mischa's 5 consecutive bullets: http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/597


    Dutch Nats 2015: Mischa Heemskerk dominated Day 2

    Dutch Nats 2015. Second day of racing at Hellecat where five races were held in perfect 9-11knots. Mischa Heemskerk scored an impressive nr of bullets in same nr of races, five wins over Glenn Ashby who finished 2nd in each one.

    Great performance by Mischa sailing his new sail/rig (check image below) setup that is also being used by Roland Wentholt & PJ Dwarshuis who also had good results today with more breeze. 


    Dutch Nats 2015, Day 1

    Light winds for the first day of the 2015 Dutch Nats. Jaap Straakenbroek won the forst one with standard C boards. Later racing was cancelled due to lack of wind until a 2 Bft breeze came in for Glenn Ashby to score a bullet ahead of Sjoerd Hoekstra.
    Photo new sail from Mischa Heemskerk for PJ Dwarshuis.More pics at Dutch Assoc FB



    Used boat market on a-cat.org

    The International A-Division Catamaran took over a-catmarket.eu a few months ago.

    Unfortunately reality was that the site was relatively expensive to run and based on a system that no one was able to modify nor maintain.

    So we have decided to shut it down an incorporate a similar feature on a-cat.org instead.

    Visit the "Classified" section to learn more about it.

    (Unfortunately we have not been able to transfer existing ads, sorry for the inconvenience for users who had ads on a-catmarket.eu)


    Open A-Class Polish Nats 2015: Kuda Surowiec Champ

    All Images by Małgorzata Noetzel. Polish Nats 2015 report sent by Jacek Noetzel. -- The Polish fleet continues to put good numbers on their local regattas as the local sailors are looking forward to host the 2017 Worlds. Major event schedule up to 2019 can be found at http://www.a-cat.org/?q=content/worlds-venues-20162017-2018-2019-awarded...
    2017 Polish bid available at http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node%2F519

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