Europeans 2014 @Cercle Voile Bordeaux: Glenn Ashby Champ, Caviezel grabs Euro Crown.

Excellent event organized by Cercle Voile Bordeaux. Although some races were held in tricly 4-5knots, it was a good challenge for the foilers to see again how they perform in the lowest wind possible to start a race.
As reported in the week, Glenn just owns this Class, he sailed a Dna to the victory with new developed stepped foils by Mischa Heemskerk plus Exploder rudders.

Europeans 2014 @Bordeaux: Day 5

Three Races were held today in mixed conditions. First race was 4-5knots, top rider and light wind specialist Matthias Dietz won took a bullet from Ashby, who proceed later to standard labor day winning the last two.
The second and third race had good trapeze conditions upwind and pressure for the downwind legs with some going for foiling in the Silver too.

Europeans 2014 @Bordeaux: Day 3 - Ashby leads in Perfect Conditions

All Images Courtesy of Paula Kopylowicz / - Best Day of the 2014 Europeans at Cercle Voile Bordeaux. +15-17knots steady breeze.
Glenn Ashby scored 1,1 to lead by 5 over Jason Waterhouse (3,3) and Sandro Caviezel (4,6).
Jason and Sandro getting in the Elite of the usual suspects in the A-Class , leaving Andrew Landenberger in 4th, Barker 5th place.

Europeans 2014 @Bordeaux: Day 2

Glenn Ashby leads the 2014 Europeans Championship organized by Cercle Voile Bordeaux.
Today Lake Hourtin saw decent winds for the 3rd & 4th qualifying races. Ashby won both races in fleet A and Jason Waterhouse did the same in the B fleet.

Germans Georg Reutter & Matthias Dietz are holding 3rd & 4th overall but tied in 10 points.
Unstable Midrange to 5 knots are the mixed conditions the fleet is having here at Carcans.

The Course area in both fleets had some uneven patches as yesterday, and a late stable breeze entered too just after the races.