Up to date measurement guides by Graeme Harbour, IACA Technical Committee Chair.

Letter sent by Graeme Harbour to National Associations and local Measurers. Important & useful info for incoming season and current equipment development, read along Measurement Guidelines:

Dear Measurers,

The purpose of this email is to try and bring everyone up to date on any measurement issues and to make sure we all adopt a common approach to undertaking boat measurement on new equipment and equipment inspection at championships.

All New Paradox 2015

Report sent by Dario Valenza / Carbonic Boats. More pics at
For Limited Public Release:

- Speed, stability, easy to tune for different conditions, value, elegant engineering.
- Benefiting from three years of structured testing, data collection and validation.
- Developed in close collaboration with Glenn Ashby.
- Built in Australia to aerospace standards.

German Assoc: Heinz Müller goes 90

February 02 is Heinz Muller birthday. Great to see how many years you can have sailing the As, all my admiration and greetings to his 40yrs A-Cats calendars. Sent by Georg Reutter.
"German A-Class Associaton Member Heinz Müller becomes 90 Years old. After sailing the A-Class more than 40 Years, he is still keen to get back on the water in spring.
On his home Lake near Biblis, he is still the man to beat on a his catamaran. The legend of his small "camping vehicle" in the size of a french car lives on.

US Assoc, Isla Morada 2015: Woody Cope 1st

The US fleet had their annual winter event at Isla Morada. All Images by Emmanuel Cerf, (US Exploder importer), who took hundred pics from the regatta that can be found at USACA FB

USACA Report: "Congrats to Woody Cope and the always fast Nikita today in very light (some drifting, some trapezing) air, weed, and chop. No foiling was sustainable. The bumpy conditions also showed how good C board / winglet boats like the DNA and others".

Poland bids to host 2017 Worlds at Sopot

Sent by Jacek Noetzel -- Find attached Polish Association original Bid doc.
Polish A-class Association and UKS NAVIGO Sailing Club on behalf of Polish Sailing Association,
would like to host A-class World Championships in Poland in 2017.
UKS NAVIGO Sailing Club is the biggest catamaran club in Poland. A-class
is most popular class. A-class sailors in Navigo: Marcin Badzio, Tymek
Bendyk, Jacek Noetzel, Jakub Kopyłowicz – Exploder constructor and
many others.