The new DNA arrives.

Finally, the beast has emerged into the daylight, eyes blinking, to stretch it's legs and show you what it is made of!  The 2016 DNA has finally been revealed to the World at last, just in time for the new season, and for the hotshots to ride at the Worlds in June.

French Nationals at Quiberon on 5th to 8th May 2016 are go!

The AFCCA today received a communications from the French Sailing Federation giving their consent to foiling and non-foiling boats sailing together. A result for the French A Class and it's friends!

The communication was as follows (Translated) from the original here.

'The organization of the National (French) A Class presents a problem to this day despite the efforts of each other to find a consensual solution.

A Cat sail design research methodology wins award.

Italian aerospace engineer, Ubaldo Cella, has recently had his research on A-Class sail design methodology awarded 'Best in class' CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) application by the ANSYS “Hall of Fame” competition.  For those who don't mix in these elevated circles, ANSYS is the World leader in engineering simulation and 'develops, markets and supports engineering simulation software used to predict how products will behave and how manufacturing processes will operate in real-world environments'.

Two British boats on show in London

Two 'A' cats on display at the RYA London Dinghy Show.

The World's only dedicated dinghy show took place last weekend at the Alexandra Palace exhibition centre in North London.  Organised by the Royal Yachting Association, several thousand visitors come to this show to see the latest designs and developments, and to buy kit and equipment for the new season.

Landy's response to the FFV's decision to force the class to split fleets.

IACA President Andrew Landenberger replies to the French FFV in response to their recent pronouncements.

Dear Jean Pierre,
I have read your letter with great interest. It shows you have given detailed thought and consideration to the current situation in our class which is a constant evolution of changes during this time. I would however like to point out some details surrounding my letter to the class which you have referenced in your response.

Danger in French ‘A’ Class Circles.

On February 18, in a meeting with the Vice -President of the French national sailing regulator, the FFV, Jean-Pierre Churet, French A Class Association President  Thierry Boisbouvier and Vice President Jacques Piallat  said that the FFV conceders the A-Class to be a flying boat and as such, two possibilities were offered to them:

Rudder Hanging clarification for the 2016 Worlds.

The IACA technical committee and World Sailing agree a clarification.

A rudder hanging clarification was posted on the IACA website 27/1/16 to clarify our interpretation of rudder hangings and since that time the issue has been raised by a number of individuals and measurers as to how this interpretation can be ruled on and how a sailor is to know if he is class legal or not.

Measurers Guide Update - Sail Measurement and Black Bands

The Technical Committee has received many enquiries as to how the new “decksweeper “ type sails are to be measured and how Black Bands are to be applied.  In the past with the present “standard” sail shape the measurement guide adequately covered and we could simplify our procedure by taking maximum offsets and in some cases eliminating some of the roach area measurements.  The new sails have presented new challenges and the new guidelines hopefully cover these areas.

Murray Philpott 1960 - 2016

Following the tragic death of Murray Philpott, his very good friend and IACA Technical head, Graeme Harbour, writes this piece for him.

The International A Class Association is deeply saddened by the death of New Zealand A Class sailor Murray Philpott in a tragic gliding accident on the 6th February.