CatamaranParts Vision at the RYA London Dinghy Show

Several A-Cat builders supporting their local classes in Boat Shows around the World. A truly great sinergy between the Associations and A-Cat brands. This Time the Vision by / Saarberg at the London Dinghy Show.
Info sent by Gordon Upton from the British A-Class. More images at
Top Class sailors Chris Field and Mischa Heemskerk were there too promoting the Class.

Winglets: Begginings & Tech Data

The Class has adopted the Winglets as a defacto production feature. I contacted 'Winglet Guru' Andrew Landenberger to tell us how he ended using them & Gonzalo Redondo from D3 Applied Technologies for some tech data.
Latest boats offering factory Winglets are: Andy Scheurer G6, DNA, new Addiction A, new Exploder A, Bimare Zero, new D3 and I'm sure I'm missing some.

Ronstan US Midwinters: Perfect '9' for Ben Moon

Impressive Midwinters win for Ben with 9 bullets out of nine races. The Class in the US continues to gather big numbers as shown at Isla Morada Worlds. Ben will be for sure a menace at the 2013 Europeans. No pics from the event available. Only report by Bob Hodges at Sailing Anarchy - Note that Bob says "Scheurer G6" but he is confused I guess, Ben will race the 'D3' at Barcelona. As informed weeks ago Andy Scheurer will continue to produce the Scheurer G6 (Landy's boat) and his son Dominik is building the 'D3'. Photo Kristofer West from Aarhus 2011.

New Bimare Zero. Interview with Valerio Petrucci

Bimare has a long history with the A Class, and this year they are launching a new version, the Zero.
We contacted Valerio Petrucci to know more about Bimare's current, future projects and their excellent price offer on complete A-Cats. Valerio talks his view on design and class current growth.
Check their site for more info on their products:

Danish Boat Show

Yet another exhibition with A-Class Catamarans.

In Denmark we have the "Boat Show", where the Danish A-Class Association is displaying the Class.
The dates are 22nd - 24th of february and the 1st to 3rd of march.

New A-Class from France: Addiction

Prolific times for the Class. I will try to get more info on the project for now some renders and preview, below translate from their description. As reported last week Winglets are now a production standard for new launchs.
"Addiction Catamarans wants to build a French Class A that could be able to win at international level.
The project was initiated by François Verdier, designed by Sam Manuard and built by Tocatek Balaruc, a small Boatyard specialized in carbon.
ADDICTION takes good use of the best resources of our region.

Paradox foil system Comp by Dario Valenza

After reading previous post on the D3 R&D, Dario Valenza , builder of the new Paradox sent additional feedback to the interview we made a few months ago. They might be the only ones of the new designs using L rudders against the now almost standard Winglet setup. But just like the Americas Cup new concepts, is all to be seeing and proven this season in the only and final valid measure: The Racing Course.