America's Cup - Official congratulations from the IACA President.

The Cup goes to New Zealand !

"Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand have won the 35th America’s Cup"

That's the message on the official AC site. There is a little bit more behind it, as we all know. There are many people involved in the Cup, across many countries and regions, men and women, all in deep passion with our favorite sport. All of them have worked hard, some teams had serious budget, some had to be inventive, a long story ends in the Bermuda, with the Kiwis once again winning the Cup.

Everyone among our members knows - or has heard about - our very own A-Class champion Glenn Ashby, multi-hull wizard and 9 times A-Class world-champion. Or was he ten times on the podium ? I lost the count. My guess is, Glenn has 3 hands. How else could you explain such wizardry ?

I take the opportunity to congratulate Peter, Glenn and everyone else in the ETNZ team for their success. Not to forgot Jimmy Spithill and the Oracle team, and as well all the other teams present in the Bermuda. You have changed the way we sail, changed the way sailing is perceived as a sport, changed the way people look at sailors.

Thanks all for the spectacle, and here is my message to the Kiwis : now that you have the Cup in your hands, please keep it on multi-hulls. We don't want to slow down to 7 knots again. Monos were cool, but why float if you can fly ?

Fair winds!