Italian Assoc 2015 Worlds bid for Punta Ala

A new bid came in to compete with Weymouth & Sopot to host the 2015 Worlds.
Dear sailors,

Italy asks also to organize the 2015 Worlds and propose a location in the bay of Punta Ala in Tuscany as an ideal place for a World Championship. You will find all details of this great place hereafter in the enclosed file. The idea was born in June when we did a Race of A Cat. I know personally the location and i sailed there many regattas and championships with great conditions as the termic wind durning summer are between 12 to 18 knots, so ideal for A-Cat.

I think that to sail in this venue would be a great chance to have an exceptional Championship with warm weather and very good wind conditions.
Hereby I forward to the IACA the Bid of Cala Civetta, bay of Punta Ala for the World Championship in the time frame from Sunday the 5th. to the 12th. of september, or if the class wishes one week later from the 12th. to the 19th. of september.

With best regards
Marco Gaeti

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