Class Submissions & Proposals: Letter to Associations

Dear Presidents,
The Technical committee and the IACA committee have been working on several proposals over the past months which are intended to improve the way we do things within the class. The initial list started out quite long but after serious consideration we have managed to solve some issues without the need of a ballot. We do however still have some areas which need your attention. I have summarised the submissions below and their current status.

1. Centreboards - Rule 8.2 Current and requires your attention
2. Changes to the Constitution to allow email voting Current and requires your attention
3. Australian World Championship rotation Has been circulated for support by Ian Johnson
4. 1 Discard proposal Deferred on the basis that we are currently operating under experimental Championship rules until end 2014,at which time we will have to look at the complete Championship rules.
5. wind speed Still in progress as the IACA Committee are still in discussion on finding the best resolution.

At this point in time, points 1, 2, and 3. require your attention. Point 3 can be answered directly to Ian from the email he has circulated.

Points 1, and 2 require an answer direct to me.
The situation is as follows. These submissions have been put forward to IACA by at least one country. They have been discussed and modified by IACA to hopefully create the best possible solution which is considered practical for the class. In order for any of these submission to be on the Agenda at the World General Meeting in New Zealand they need the support of at least 3 nations. Without that support they will not even be discussed there. After that the normal voting and balloting process begins. Point 2 is perhaps the most important issue raised in the class in recent time as the need for modern voting methods is highly necessary. The current system requires a great deal of time to implement and comes at a significant financial cost to the class.

Please read below for more detailed information of point 1 and 2.
1. Removal of Rule 8.2 only with no additional rules
A proposal was received from England to allow centreboards to be inserted from the bottom of hull and boat to float in 30 cm of water. This would constitute a change to our measurement rules and would firstly need three countries to submit proposal, then a 2/3 majority of National Associations to support at WGM followed by a ballot of all fleet members again with a 2/3 majority.
We have looked at proposal as submitted and are of the opinion that it must be up to the class to decide. Simply Rule 8.2 stays or goes. Boat floating in 30 cm of water would be impractical to measure.
We do however believe that IACA has a responsibility to advise all national associations and fleet members the ramifications of such a change.
To assist we put together a small list of the pros and cons of such a change

Issues in crowded boat parks and launching areas with boats needing to be tipped on their side on land or in water to insert boards.
Inability to fully raise foils in light weather.
Inability to clear debris (plastic bags, weed etc.) from foils

Reduction in costs without having to build boats with exotic structure to allow extreme boards to be inserted from the top.

Most current boats would be easily modified to accept modern board developments.

Old boats may be able to be fitted with modern boards and made more competitive again which may be encouraging for new sailors to the class looking in the second hand boat market.

2. Changes to the constitution to allow Voting and Balloting over the internet.
Under the current rules the class are required to send by mail and official ballot paper. This is costly to the class and requires a great deal of time to execute a ballot. These small changes would allow the Class to conduct a ballot by use of more modern means over the internet.

11.3 An appropriate ballot paper shall be prepared by the I.A.C.A Committee within 2 months after the WGM and will be airmailed or emailed to the last recorded address of all Fleet Members of the National Associations.
11.4 Each Fleet Member will have 1 vote. Each Fleet Member shall personally return the completed ballot paper directly to the Returning Officer. The Returning Officer must receive the completed ballot paper within 4 weeks of the date of the original circulation and it must comply with the ballot rules in order to be valid.

I await your responses.

With best regards,

Andrew Landenberger
IACA president.