A call for a 2020 European Championship host.

Because the Worlds 2020 will happen outside Europe, we will need a country to organise a Europeans for 2020.

Remember that smaller clubs and venues can just as well organise a Continental Championship by limiting the number of slots. Not everyone wants and can organise an event for 160+ people. In fact, personally, I would love to see something in the range of 80-100 participants, or even fewer, but do not consider these numbers a firm limit. On one side, this would again force people to qualify for the few available slots and on the other side it would provide the opportunity to do a championship on a lake or inland waters.

An important point is to consider the calendars of the other continents, especially for Australia and New Zealand, but remembering as well in 2020 the USA calendar: the Europeans will need to take place in the first half of the calendar year, or maybe at the latest in July.

Consider this an official request, start thinking, and come up with your ideas and proposals. The offical dealine to submit a formal bid is 31-12-16.

I have posted this message on the IACA site as a favour to your National Associations. They are already very busy and might not be too happy with the prospect of yet more work. This can be a grassroots movement: do talk to your clubs and if you have an idea, go talk to your National Association. This is called democracy, and as a Swiss citizen, I cherish and encourage it !

With kind regards,

Charles Bueche
IACA president