New IACA web site

We have created a new website and have transferred the content from the old. We hope the new site is easier to navigate, and we will work to get it filled with much more class relevant content in the future.

For the old page all the national associations had a log in, and they where responsible for adding content. That was a good idea, but unfortunately it has proven not to work, so in the new setup, we will have a webmaster who takes care of the more static content and regatta calendar and an editor who will take care of news and race reports.

But we need your help
The site will only come alive and reflect the activities in our member nations, if you all contribute.

  • Check the A-Cat section and tell us if you are aware of manufactures we are missing.
  • Tell us about your major regattas and activities, so we can populate the calendar.
  • Tell us if there's class information you are missing.

We are still struggling with some formalities about moving the site from the old web host.

The RSS feed that is used on some national A-Class pages will change once the host transfer is completed - we'll let you know.

We hope you like the change, and look forward to hear your comments. So far you can send your contributions here: webmaster