Class rule rewrite - info letter

Class rule rewrite - info letter

At the 2016 WGM in Medemblik, the Technical Committee was given the task to rewrite our current Class Rules, to clean them up and make them fit current World Sailing standard. This is now in place.

The Technical Committee, lead by Thomas Paasch, has done an impressive work during the last months. I would like to express my thanks to them.

As for the IACA constitution §11, the proposal must be supported by at least 3 National Associations and submitted 3 months before the WGM. I ask presidents of all National Associations to read the explanation of Thomas below and the new version of the class rules as proposed by the T.C. Then if you agree, please announce your support of the new class rules by being a supporter of the proposal.

The next steps : after we (hopefully) get the necessary support, the change will be officially submitted for the WGM in Sopot. The next steps will then be a vote during the WGM by the presidents, and if it gets a majority of 2/3, a world-wide ballot will be organized, which would again require a majority of 2/3 to be accepted.

Questions regarding the content of the new class rules should be addressed to Thomas Paasch <>.

Support of the proposal or questions regarding the voting process should be addressed to Charles Bueche <>.

I hope you will support us on this very important project for the class.

Kind regards,

Charles and the IACA committee


A-Cat Class Rules rewrite

The objective:

The main target was to implement all interpretations into the rules and then get rid of the interpretations, to fix the few issues our current rules have with rules that are not measurable and to make our rules fit the World Sailing template.

World Sailing has been involved in the process, which started more than a year ago.


So here we are:

Finally the T.C. has a rewrite ready, that World Sailing is happy with, that fits the modern template for class rules and meets World Sailing requirements.

In the words of Rob Taylor (World Sailing):

It has long been a desire of the Equipment Committee that all classes have their rules in the standard format and invoking the use of the Equipment Rules of Sailing and to that end, this draft puts the Class in a favorable position going forward.  It is also a good example of how to write open and closed class rules in the same document and so this may form the basis of a template rule structure for other development classes in the future.


The new document:

While our current Class Rules are only a 3 page document (1 front page, 10 rules and 7 interpretations), the new document has 12 pages! But it’s more than just the rules; it’s also about administration of the rules and holds parts of what’s in our Championship rules today.


Part I (section A and B)

In this part there are rules on how the rules are managed, how certification is managed etc. These rules are closed.


Part II

Section C

These rules are about equipment. Parts of this is found in our Championship Rules, and part of it is information you would usually find in the NOR or SI of a regatta.


Sections D, E, F and G

These sections hold open Rules, and this is basically what’s in our rules today. It’s split into sections about Hulls, Appendages, Rig and sails, where our current rules today at times combine some of these sections in one rule.

As said before, we are trying NOT to change anything, just put it in a new format. However there are two changes:

Interpretation 7 of our current rules reads about rudder hanging: “They are solely to support the rudder appendage and be no further aft than required to provide steerage and no larger than required to support the rudder”.

This was not measurable. Following a rule clarification approved by World Sailing for the Medemblik Worlds this has now been changed so the rudder assembly has to fit inside 30cm from the stern (5,79m total length mentioned in interpretation 7 of out current rules).

Also our current rules forbid cassette type rudders to go within 153 mm of the bottom of the hull. This was not the original intent of the rule, however we wish to keep the rule rewrite as close to the original wording as possible. To cover we have changed to be measured with the rudder in fully down position only.


Part III (section H)

Here we have parts of out current Championship rules. As opposed to our Championship rules (which only rules on World Championships and continental championships) this part will also rule on national championships.


Kind regards,

Thomas Paasch and the Technical Committee

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