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A-Cat Class Rules rewrite

As you might know, the Class Rule rewrite was taken of the agenda for the 2017 WGM at the Sopot Worlds. The main reasons for that was a new contact we got assigned at World Sailing, found some issues in complying with the World Sailing template, which would cause them to not being able to approve the rule rewrite.

These issues have now been fixed along with incoorporating the World Sailing Interpretation from 10th of August on Thilo Kellers foil system.

Lockdown Interview - Tom Bojland and Thomas Paasch DEN

We continue our Lockdown interview series with a pair of Vikings, both former DEN National Champs - Thomas Paasch and Tom Bojland. 


  • When and why did you first start sailing and in what?

Bojland - In 76 – in the Oppie!

Paasch - I started sailing at the age of 6 in the optimist. At the age of 11 I got my fist catamaran, a Hobie Cat 11 (basically a scaled down Hobie Cat 14), and I made my dad added a trapeze to it.

Lockdown Interviews - Manuel Calavia, ESP

Our next intervewee is the King of Spain, reigning European Champion and World Open No. 4 - Manolo Calavia


  • When and why did you first start sailing and in what?

I started sailing in Calanova School (Palma de Mallorca Summer Camp) during summer when I was 8 years old in Optimist and Cadete. After that in Calafell beach town (60 km south of Barcelona) in the Yacht Club in Optimist and with 11 years old I started in catamaran with the Hobie Cat 14.