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The classified section can be used for free by A-class cat sailors, who want to offer boats or boatparts on this site.



To create/modify/delete your ad, you need to login first. Login or creation of a new user account can be done here, or at the bottom of the "News" page.


  1. Only private persons can advertise for free.
  2. Ads will automatically be deleted after 3 month.
  3. Users that haven't been active for more than 3 month will automatically be deleted.
  4. It can only be used for used A-class catamarans boats, platforms, masts, sails or accessories.
  5. Sailmakers, mastbuilders, boatbuilders or other companies or persons active in the marine industry can only advertise for used equipment after permission of the webmaster and might have to pay a fee.
  6. The site owners are not responsible for any mistakes on the site and no rights can be obtained other than the possibility to contact the advertiser.
  7. Advertisers have to provide all relevant information about status of the advertised equipment.
  8. Advertisers must remove advetisements if equipment is no longer available for sale.
  9. The webmaster may add information to an advertisement without asking permission to do so.
  10. Advertisement will be removed if the advertiser asks for this
  11. Advertiser and buyers will arrange payment between themselves. The website or its owners will never be part about a dispute about payments or deliveries


As an alternative, we suggest you also can use our Facebook group