Takapuna Worlds: Practice Race Scheduled for Monday

After the Pre event held within the NZ Nats, the fleet at Takapuna will have the Practice Race today Monday (for them). On Tuesday the Worlds will officially start with 2 races each day, and Friday 14th as a reserve Day.

On additional details about the 4 races of the Nats is good to remark that Thilo Keller scored a 2nd and some DNC. Thilo is racing with his Arrow MKII and after a dominant European season, where he won almost every event he entered he will be a firm contender for this Worlds.
Also Scott Anderson had two excellent top 5 results at the NZ nats, giving away too he is still a menace for the younger guys. Scott was leading 2011 Worlds at Denmark and lost the event in the last 2 races against Steve Brewin.

Team New Zealand squad was flying downind and took the two top spots, but Ahsby and Burling are also two of the best sailors on the fleet, with Burling making an excellent impression in this pre event. 2012 European Champ & Vice WC Andrew Landenberger came third and Steve Brewin, 2011 WC and 2013 European Champ, 3rd.
All in all, the usual suspects are showing their capabilities beyond any new equipment development

Weather forecast for Takapuna this week http://www.windguru.cz/es/index.php?sc=25747 calls for a steady 10-12 knots for the beginning of the week and decreasing breeze for the last two days of the event.

Barcelona had excellent mixed conditions, and we hope to have a similar event in this aspect at Takapuna.

Schedule below , NOR at http://www.sailingeventstakapuna.com/media/files/NOR%20-%202014%20-A%20C...

Images Richard Gladwell / Sail-World.com/NZ & Georgia Schofield
Additional images by Sailing Takapuna at http://www.sailingeventstakapuna.com/photogallery/test/nz-nationals

Day Date Time of First
Warning Signal
Number of Races
Day 1 Monday 10th Feb 1300 Practice Race
Day 2 Tuesday 11th Feb 1300 2
Day 3 Wednesday 12th Feb 1300 2
Day 4 Thursday 13th Feb 1300 2
Day 5 Friday 14th Feb - Reserve Day
Day 6 Saturday 15th Feb 1300 2
Day 7 Sunday 16th Feb 1300 1