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Euro 2022 Entry Allocation Process

Below is the official entry process and deadlines to enter the European Championship 2022 in Arco/Garda/Italy. in September. As it is a closed (Limited to 100 sailors) event, please read carefully the details and consult with your National Associations if you have any questions.

The following procedure will be applied for the contingent and registration process.

Date & Action
IACA publishes the Allocation per National Association based on fee payments and membership.

Each National Association has to confirm to the I.A.C.A. Committee the number of entries within the allocated contingent and if eventually additional starting places desired or less are needed. At the same time, each National Association give a payment guarantee for the applied number of participants.
National Associations also apply for Wild Cards by the nomination of eligible sailors.

The I.A.C.A. Committee informs all National Association and the hosting club (Circolo Vela Arco) with publication on the I.A.C.A. homepage the distribution of starting places per nation. At the same time, the I.A.C.A. informs also if additional starting places are still available.

2 months prior to the event, the final attributed starting places per nation are confirmed by the I.A.C.A. Committee to the National Associations and hosting club.

Each National Association has to pay the entry fees, send the list of names of the participants with all details and documents as requested by the Notice of Race to the hosting club.

1.8.2022 – 31.8.2022
At the latest 2 weeks prior to the event a National Association can exchange a sailor for a relevant reason with another qualified sailor but with a simultaneous official notification to the hosting club.

1.9.2022 – 7.9.2022
Late-entry process : slots cancelled by sailors can be re-assigned by the club (based on a waiting list). Sailors must be confirmed members of a National Association

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